Warsaw Ghosts

by Jon Southcoasting

Warsaw Ghosts by Jon Southcoasting (The Family Grave)
The song ‘Warsaw Ghosts’ from The Family Grave’s album Everybody Is Flawed is a tribute to the Polish capital, soaked in history and emotion. Here, its writer explains.

“And the ghosts are laughing, because this is Warsaw.
The vodka is cold but our hands are warm.”

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Via Baltica. Boulevard Of Dreams.

by Maekkelae

Via Baltica. Boulevard of dreams. by Maekkelae
Glamour? Stardom? Fame? Money? Is this it? That what you’re in for? Then you’re missing out on the real thing. On the hardship to inspire you. On the failure that’ll make you stronger. On the losses that’ll teach you there is more to it than things. On all of what’ll make you put your soul into your songs. Believe me, they will understand. They will know by the way you sing them. And they’ll laugh and cry and weep and smile. Once you’ve seen this, you’re on the right track.

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