Fate the Juggler

by Robert Spiers

Fate the Juggler by Robert Spiers
Follow your dreams and believe in what you do. It’s no good having regrets or wishing you had started earlier or done this and that. You are where you are, so make the most of it.

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The Birth of Fate The Juggler

In August 2010 I decided to get a band together as a vehicle for my own material. I had played in cover bands for years while also writing songs, which I had done since I got my first guitar as a birthday present from my sister at 13. The band was initially named String Theory as I wanted a “folky” sound with mandolin, violin and percussion of Cajon and Djembe.

I then had a light bulb moment, although I can’t remember the film, I heard an actor say “Fate’s the juggler” and that was it. This was an era after David Gray had had a big hit with White Ladder and Nick Drake’s music was once again being listened to. and Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons amongst others came to prominence.

The Time, The Place

I always wanted a band as opposed to a “me and them” situation and I always encourage others in the band to write and have as much input as they want. After eight years and a few lineup changes, we have two albums, three EP’s and a live CD/DVD under our belt.

The line up is acoustic guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, and drums/percussion. We have supported some well know acts and been at festivals with bands such as Squeeze and the Proclaimers. The hardest part for me is to get enough recognition through the likes of radio airplay and general publicity to sell enough tickets to fill a venue of maybe 200 people. To be fair to promoters, it’s all about bums on seats.

And in the end…

We really love what we do and have fun playing live which is when we are at our best. If I may say so, we are a great live band. We don’t expect to be the next big thing but feel we deserve to play some larger festivals and theatres as a support band or otherwise.

Right now we are in the studio recording a new album which will be out next year.

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