Kameleon Bloom: Music Producer Collective from São Paulo, Brazil

by Cuadrado and Torugo

Kameleon Bloom: Music Producer Collective from São Paulo, Brazil by Cuadrado and Torugo
The Kameleon Bloom Collective was born from the amalgamation of two minds, two artists: Cuadrado and Torugo, that converged into the genre Lo-Fi, giving way to an idea: an album full of homemade beats, that would draw various references from many different subgenres, from trap (samurai jack), rock (changing perspective), reggae (bad luck), chillwave (working at 3 a.m.) and ambient (slow dance in the rain).

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Creative Process

We would reserve our Fridays entirely for producing this album every week, because, luckily, we never had any classes to attend in this specific weekday, so it was a very nice break that allowed us to conciliate academic obligations and beat-making.

During the period of one full academic semester (roughly from August to December), we focused on composing and mixing a wide arrange of aesthetic soundscapes, trying to blend glossy bright chords, sharp lead synths, dirty-filtered guitar solos, rough drum samples and other random ambient noises, that originated either from the internet or were recorded in our own bedrooms.

Cuadrado’s Part

I’ve always been connected to music in my life. I play drums and percussion since I was eight years old, and I also play the guitar since I was 13. From the beginning, I tried to dive in (even though I didn’t know how that influenced me) in this marvelous music world, and how deeply it can affect us. After many failed attempts to pursue an academic music education (entering in any music college), I felt disappointed and defeated because I wouldn’t be able to pursue the career I really wanted. Nonetheless, I managed to enter in PUC-SP, in the Communication and Multimedia course, that focus on working with audio-visual, so I hoped I could still follow my dream in here.

I tried to find myself in this new environment, but it was after I met my friend Vítor Hugo (Torugo) that I felt again that desire to play and produce music because I’ve found someone who shared the same music tastes as I do. He already had some experience with software and music production, while I had more experience in playing instruments and music theory. Combining both skills, we were able to create a weird and different workflow in creating music.

Torugo’s Part

I entered in the Communication and Multimedia course in 2016 with interest in pursuing Graphic Design. However, during my first year, I rapidly felt very lost and with a lot of doubts if I actually wanted to pursue that as my career for my life. During this time, I started listening to a lot of calm, relaxing lo-fi beats, especially inside SoundCloud, which helped me a lot to cope with these doubts that surrounded me. Probably because of that, I really wanted to feel part of this community of mysterious lo-fi producers, even though it was a hobby which had nearly nothing to do with my studies.

My biggest inspirations in creating beats come from these anonymous beatmakers in SoundCloud, to important music producers like Nujabes and J Dilla. I learned everything I know about music production inside my bedroom, just through many tutorials on YouTube and a looot of practice. Making music was an experience that gave me a lot of fulfillment that I needed at that time, and made me cherish this new hobby very much, to the point where I released an EP with some friends of mine.

Soon after that, I met Cuadrado, who at the time was searching for someone who had more knowledge with DAWs and beat-making, while I was searching for people who wanted to create music together. With that, the name “Kameleon Bloom” was born, the name of our album, our collective, and our partnership.


After the release of the Kameleon Bloom Album and the feedback we got from our friends, we decided to expand the project, uniting the music collective with videomakers who could be responsible for our visual identity.

Currently, we are in the works of making an EP, with blends of hip-hop, lo-fi and R&B. Follow us on our social media to contact us or to follow any news of new content being released.

We are thankful for the opportunity to tell our brief story to this blog, and hope you enjoy our songs!


Artist’s Note
São Paulo, Brazil
Alternative, Rock, Trap, Ambient, Electronic, Chillhop, Lo-fi, Reggae
beatmaker, collaboration, bedroom, academics

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