Pioneering the Underground: A Fusion of Heart, Tech, and Art

by @N0RK!@

Pioneering the Underground: A Fusion of Heart, Tech, and Art by @N0RK!@
We’re all born incomplete and aspire for wholeness.

Thrown into this world at breakneck speeds, immediately socialized by our parents and guardians, who we trust as gods with our childish, wonder-filled minds. Once, we all believed our guardians and teachers and elders knew everything and could be trusted completely.

Alas, they were all once chucked into this world too, raised up by previous generations that may have often convinced themselves that they knew what life was all about. But they didn’t. No one did.

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The Economy. Institutions of all kinds. Education, religion, agriculture, legal systems, industry, and war.

These concepts were all dreamt and actualized up during humankind’s epic struggle to make sense of reality and to forge our paths to a life worth living.

But in these things, we never found the true redemption we sought, for we invented a civilization of inequity, injustice, double standards, and impossible contradictions.

It was the best we could do at the time with what we were given. This was the society humans once invented.

For too long, we’ve conceded ourselves to a cycle of repeating past mistakes, chalking it up to unchangeable human condition.

But secretly, deep down within our hearts and souls, we’ve been evolving.

We can tap into the evolution of our knowledge, the accumulation of our wisdom, and the advent of our technological resources, to reinvent what is broken.

And together, we can all become complete, as we have always eagerly aspired for.

Welkum to the Universe of An0rkia.

The era of international cybermusik

Anorkia, an electronic cyberband founded in 2002, was from day one a celebration of computers, Internet tech, authentic expression, and unconventional collaboration.

Unconventional because, we were one of the first bands in the world to organize, record, mix, and edit our songs from different locations from across the globe, with none of us having actually physically met in person.

You could call it a long-distance online romance, but the band version.

Our original core members were classically-trained Chinese immigrant Fangran Hong and Polish drummer Kr-Lik, who produced some heavy-beat oriented trance instrumentals under the moniker Kr-Lik & Fang.

Dr3w and Je$$ (from Lansing, MI, USA, and Staten Island, NY, USA, respectively) joined soon thereafter as vocalists, and the quartet decided upon the artist name Anorkia, which is a play on words that means, “Born incomplete; aspiring for wholeness.”

Anorkia wasn’t truly complete, though, until mid-2002 when we recruited, then from Dortmund, Germany, to handle mastering and additional production.

In the beginning, Anorkia didn’t have much of a thematic and creative focus. We just wanted to make cool electronic musik with heart and soul.

Over time and through a great number of successes, failures, and difficult trials (including Fangran Hong’s tragic death in 2003), Kr-Lik and Je$$ left the band due to focus on their own personal artistic and academic horizons.

This left Dr3w and to decide whether to carry the flame or to let it die. The two decided together to reassert themselves and build the Anorkia legacy into a provocative and life-affirming force for good in the world.

Many collaborators came and went over the years, but and Dr3w remain the unified core of the Anorkia project. considered himself to be Anorkia’s logical center (the brain) while Dr3w was the group’s intuitive and passionate drive (the heart).

One of Anorkia’s main purposes became to clearly articulate the inner darkness and chaos that all humans experience, but have not traditionally tended to openly discuss.

This was Anorkia’s way of showing the alienated people of the underground, lost between the cracks of society, that they are not and never were truly alone.

The most precise expression of this darkness and chaos arrived in the form of 2011’s Deeper into the Void.

Attentive listeners may notice a number of themes on that record, pointing towards and hinting about a brand new style and focus on what would have been the next Anorkia album, Pray for Rain.

Pray for Rain was going to be the pay-off for all the years of misery, darkness, and agony. It would be an utter celebration of transcendence and human strength.

However, due to various life factors, Pray for Rain was never meant to come to fruition (at least not yet?).

By 2014, Anorkia had unofficially disbanded as and Dr3w fell out of communication and became consumed by the challenges of their own individual lives.

Dr3w was heartbroken that An0rki@ wasn’t able to actualize its thematic potential, and that it had never found a large enough audience to sustain the project.

“While writing our musik, and I listened to our own material hundreds, if not thousands of times. I, for one, often felt completely enamored with what we had created, and I have no shame in saying that I was our biggest, most dedicated fan and listener. Listening to my own distorted voice and deeply personal lyrics as I laid in bed helped me get my head straight. Listening to our back catalogue on headphones while taking long walks was, for me, like taking a mystical vision question. In my heart, I always desired for others to hear our musik the way I did, but it just wasn’t meant to be.” – Dr3w

Alas, as of 2019, a potential revival is brewing for @n0rk!@.

After re-issuing our entire back catalogue on Bandcamp throughout 2019, we’ll discuss the future.

One thing is crystal clear: Anorkia is all about setting the world free from itself. Helping the lost and wayward transcend their impossible addictions, vices, and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual impairments. Bringing the underground out into the sun, so that it can bloom to its full potential.

@n0rkia is not just a band. It is a grassroots movement. It is a call-to-action, and it is a peaceful revolution that everyone is welcome to participate in and benefit from.

Working together, we can reinvent and revitalize the system with bold musik, art, and creative powers.

We can, and will, make a world where everyone wins always, and nobody loses, ever.

Welkum, my friends, to the Universe of ANORKIA !


Anorkia, Category: Artist, Albums: The Clock Is Ticking (Extended Edition), Top Tracks: Ursprung

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Lansing, Michigan, Bonn, Germany, Orlando, Florida, New York, Seattle, New Jersey, Everywhere, Nowhere
Industrial, Electronic, futuremusic, Techno, Trance
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