“Vinyl Head”, a LP of sadness, loneliness, love and insanity

by A friend of Leo (Vinyl Motherfuck)

Vinyl Head, a Lp of sadness, loneliness, love, and insanity, by a friend of Leo (Vinyl Motherfuck)

Vinyl Head is a LP made by Vinyl Motherfuck, the songs of the album talk about problems and thoughts Leo (aka Vinyl Motherfuck) had since his last (good) work, the “Spring Is Out There” EP.

This record has 11 songs written and composed by Leo, and this songs are (in his own words) “good, catchy, and a little mature” compared to his previous work.

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From Debutante to Groupie

by Natalie Durkin

From Debutante to Groupie by Natalie Durkin

I’ve jumped around from thing to thing for as long as I can remember. I grew up waterskiing competitively, then gave it up to move across the country to major in theater, and pursued music journalism. All that time I was writing music and sharing it with no one aside from a few close friends. It was a hobby, a flight, a fancy; something to do on flights, car rides, or while waiting for an appointment. Writing has always been an integral part of my being and music, in my experience, is a transcendent mechanism. So I finally shared my music with more than just a few close friends.

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