“Vinyl Head”, a LP of sadness, loneliness, love and insanity

by A friend of Leo (Vinyl Motherfuck)

Vinyl Head, a Lp of sadness, loneliness, love, and insanity, by a friend of Leo (Vinyl Motherfuck)

Vinyl Head is a LP made by Vinyl Motherfuck, the songs of the album talk about problems and thoughts Leo (aka Vinyl Motherfuck) had since his last (good) work, the “Spring Is Out There” EP.

This record has 11 songs written and composed by Leo, and this songs are (in his own words) “good, catchy, and a little mature” compared to his previous work.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

This LP couldn’t had happened without “Pet Sounds” by The Beach Boys. Leo was in a depressed mood since July, and he didn’t feel like doing music. But when he listened to Pet Sounds, the musician that is in his inside awoke.

“Pet sounds took me out of my depression, and it gave me the inspiration to do music again,” that was what Leo told me. And it’s true, without that record, “Vinyl Head” wouldn’t had born, and that’s a fact.

His songs in this album talk about the problems he’s been into this last months, all those feelings that were inside him came out in this record. He also tried to make songs that were better than his previous ones, musically speaking. An example of this attempt to do something good is “Why Don’t You Stay With Me For Awhile?,” an instrumental track (inspired in “Let’s Go Away For A While”) that has a love-a-like feeling.

An example of his lyrical advance is “Regina,” a song that talks about a girl he felt he no longer knows, a girl that hurt his feelings and make him feel down. Another example of his lyrical advance is “Nobody (Wants To See You),” the lyrics talk about how people is fake, and doesn’t want to see you well (maybe some people do want to see you well, but not better than them).

Artist’s Note


Bedroom Pop, Folk, Rock

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