Sage Suede – Un Photo de Toi Nu, from RAWR mixtape

by Sage Suede

Sage Suede - Un Photo de Toi Nu, from RAWR mixtapeHi, I’m Sage Suede. This is my first blog post on! I have another blog on and

A little about me: I started my website in 2015 and released DIAMONDBACK Demo in 2017. DIAMONDBACK Demo was recorded in Northeastern’s Snell Library with an iPhone, while I attended classes full time. Later, I released a compilation of free tracks on my website called 2018 Freebies Bangers. It changes languages a few times. I’m a polyglot, so I change my mind a lot lol.

I released RAWR mixtape for streaming in January 2019 and I have a great EP coming in May (but more on that later).

Un Photo de Toi Nu is track #4 on RAWR – pick your streaming for the full mixtape:

“I didn’t speak French when I wrote Un Photo de Toi Nu”

I wanted to talk about this song because I think it’s fun and quirky. I didn’t spend too much time on it, so it has a carefree vibe to it. I used a drum machine that hyped that low sounds, then I used my microkorg for higher pitches. I also recorded guitar. I want my music to have it’s own unique sound and as a result, I have trouble keeping my sound in one genre lol.

Lately, I have been forming my sound. ElectroPapi EP will be a great
representation of that and I love hearing the more experimental electro alt pop on RAWR mixtape.

“So how did you write it?”

I didn’t speak French back then, but I understood most of written French from romance languages. I was talking to a follower on Twitter in France and they kept asking me for nudes. I said no, because my artistry is too important for me to be doing that, but they still insisted.

I didn’t want them to be upset and I liked the way some of their French messages sounded. “This is kind of cute,” I thought, “I could make this a song.” I added a few lines with Google Translate and now that I am learning a little French from a Scottish podcast, I feel a little embarrassed with just a tad bit of the pronunciation (mostly just when I say “le”). My French followers seem to enjoy this song though. It is quirky and has that je ne sais pas.

As a polyglot, I find it very interesting that the lyrics of Un Photo de Toi Nu sound cute in French, but are more practical with an English connotation. You need look no further than the title of the song than to understand this.

Un Photo de Toi Nu = Nudes (nude photos)

So like it sounds way cuter in French to ask someone for nudes. Next time you hit up your crush, try sending them this song 😉

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Un Photo de Toi Nu

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Electronic, Alternative, acoustic, Pop, Rock, french

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