Rocky Mountain Beauty

by Haley Harkin

Rocky Mountain Beauty by Haley Harkin
Upon driving into Rocky Mountain National Park, the first thing we spotted was a moose.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

We pulled over to look, and I immediately pulled out my phone to type lyrics that were coming. I remember my partner asking what I was doing as I said: “Hold on I have a song!” Mountain song came from that beautiful place. I felt tears coming to my eyes and goosebumps on my arms as we pulled in.

Nature is such a gift, and it is here for us. Also, we saw a concert while in Colorado, from one of our favorite musicians Xavier Rudd. The freedom he has with his music inspired me in the sounds, ye ye ya ya ya ya ya that I use in this song

Haley Harkin

Haley Harkin, Category: Artist, Albums: Alchemy Within, Singles: Mountain Song, Top Tracks: Mountain Song, Be here now, Diamond in the rough, Heart like the ocean, Live freely, Biography: Haley is a native from Austin, Tx. Her songs are inspired by nature, love and folk music.

Mountain Song

Artist’s Note
Austin, Texas, Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park
Folk, Indie, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter
nature, love, mountains, folk


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