Pillowsnake’s Big Puff Piece (An Intro)

by Pillowsnake

Pillowsnake's Big Puff Piece (An Intro)
This is a generic blog post introduction written by yours truly, Jacob La Follette. Pillowsnake is I, 23 and representing South Texas.

You know that thing in your pocket you don’t make phone calls with that isn’t your penis? I use that to make music.

Listen to these single while reading the text.

Here’s a few hundred words about myself:

Three Hundred Words Plus of an Intro

I started making music as a child, mouthing out noises replicating the Bomb Omb Battlefield theme from Super Mario 64. Around age 13, when my fingers grew long enough to grip onto a guitar, the noises switch outlets in untuned delight. I mean, I still didn’t shut my mouth, but my guitar did it’s own Yellow Pages jingle when my fingers did the walking.

It was only a matter of time that I realized I can do more than half ass a bunch of Hendrix style bends and Kevin Shields type noises. Around age 19, after being in a string of garage bands, I grew tired of not being creative. I was making short films trying to be the next Stan Brakhage or something and realized that making the soundtracks were waaaay more interesting. Using Audacity on my dad’s work laptop to record a bunch of reverbed guitars was not substantial enough for both myself or my peers. For some reason, a phone app to make music called G Stomper Studio was waaaay more versatile for myself.

That shit works like the sampler of my dreams. Listening to J Dilla and Tobacco just encouraged me to program samples and morph the shit out of them. There’s just nothing more satisfying than being in your room alone at 2:30 AM just making sweet sounds for yourself.

Never mind, there is.

Anyway, these sounds got more ambitious and I started incorporating guitars and myself singing and other weird shit to create what I am now. I am Pillowsnake. Here is my intro.

Yes, I am from South Texas, specifically Harlingen. For all y’all North of San Antonio, that’s located in the middle of the Rio Grande Valley, a place of interest for the last couple years due to my president. I mean, not my president, but you know what I mean. The only national emergency here is the-

Nothing, there ain’t no fucking one lol. I love this place.

A Few More Words about my Music

I’m supposed to talk about my latest couple of songs now that I am 350 words into this. Rainbow Rhoads/Feather is the latest lofi psychedelic release by myself. With only two songs, the early 90s techno aesthetic is in full swing and just gets destroyed with over the top lofi production. Guitar solos are everywhere as if Kurt Cobain discovered acid house instead of the Pixies.

Remember that song “Unbelievable” by EMF? Think that but a whoooole lot noisier. That’s the best way to describe it. I am not a one hit wonder though. These noises are golden.

Rainbow Rhoads is basically about going to heaven while thinking you don’t belong there. Feather is about the love between myself and my girlfriend Gabriela. The noises are just as interesting, I assure you.

Is this enough of a puff piece yet?

No wait, there’s more…

Here’s some Soundcloud comments about me.

“🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥” –Monsturo Bohemio

“this funky scatterbrain track is worthy” –Reptile Brain

“Really strong intro like an satanic electro funk kind of sound. Vocals are so well produced” –Father Artosis

Follow all those guys I mentioned on Soundcloud as well. That’s the end of this puff piece. Hope y’all enjoy this shit, I’ll be back soon with an actual story.


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