Underground Non-Star


Underground Non-Star by MRA NEHLS / WEATHER
Hi, I am Miira. I am living far from YOUR world. I mean far from this patriarchal-smallminded-selfcalled-society. This is a great pool and I am not very sure that I can swim there or if I even want to. So I created my own world, and I am trying to hold its contour above my head.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Behind these walls. I got this, I think, the only chance to introduce myself. So here it is. Bunch of nonsense and meaningless words, just for one thing, to entertain you. But if you really want to hear my music, I will be very glad if you are not a racist or a rapist.

Each of my songs is an expression of a feeling. No matter how it sounds. At the end.

Thank you. M.
Outsider – Lo-fi – DIY


Artist’s Note
Czechia, Europe, Central Europe, Sweden
Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Noise Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Fuzz, Grunge, Experimental
independent, underground, outsiderart

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