The Raven’s Tale & Disturbance – The Role of a Spirit Medium

by Sorcha Chisholm

The Raven's Tale & Disturbance - The Role of a Spirit Medium by Sorcha Chisholm
Recently I have found myself playing a new role – that of the Messenger Raven. In this case, I witness murders and sing about them with my band “The Raven’s Tale” and report on them as The Journalist in a theatre production of Ivy Alvarez’ book “Disturbance.” It is a job not for the faint of heart! In this article, I will tell you about this new exciting role in my creative career.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

The Raven’s Tale

All of a sudden I find myself in a new role – The Raven Journalist.

I’m working on a number of interesting projects right now… and I am being asked to wear a few different hats.

One recent hat has been “Sorcha Raven” who is a member of the murder ballads band “The Raven’s Tale”. She sings, plays piano and guitar. We played our first show in November 2018 and have a few shows lined up later this year in Tokyo town in April and June.

The idea came when Dylan Hunter and I were talking about a few songs we wanted to cover together. One was “Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars, and the other “In the Pines” by Leadbelly.

I noticed a common thread between the two songs, namely that they were both about murder, and the idea to form a band that sang about such sinister tales bloomed in my mind.

Ayumi Sato joined us to play double bass and the band was created.

The premise (in my mind) is that we are three shapeshifting ravens who witness some grueling and gory scenes and we’re here to share the stories of what we saw.


And so now I’ve been asked to join a production play based on a book of poems by Ivy Alvarez entitled “Disturbance”. The story tells of a domestic double murder suicide/surviving daughter/investigation/news-piece. It’s grim stuff to be sure! We are workshopping the process with directors Rachel Walzer and composer Mark Ferris and so far it’s been a fascinating undertaking.

It’ll be staged in Tokyo on July 2,3 and 4, 2019. Further details TBA.

So I’m here listening to the Twin Peaks soundtrack and thinking about how to go about singing and playing the role of “The Journalist” in this production. I’m feeling a Dale Cooper/Scully/Phryne Fisher hybrid character stirring within…

May the Mediums be with me!!

More soon S xx

Sorcha Chisholm

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