Know the Reasons Behind Dream Pop Artist Sid Ready’s New Release “I Can Actually Speak”

by Sid Ready

Know the Reasons Behind Dream Pop Artist Sid Ready's New Release
I started my music journey at fourteen in mid-2014 playing small coffee venues with my ukulele and guitar. In early 2017, I began to grow tired of my acoustic guitar and ukulele. I then moved on, and I started writing “I Can Actually Speak.” The album portrays a lot of things bunched into one that happened between mid-2016 and up until the end of 2017. I endured failed relationships and projects, moving out really young, and realizing how awful human beings can be. This is where the harsh beginning of “I Can Actually Speak” starts.

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In early 2017, I wanted to take a whole new approach to my sound and the way I exposed my feelings with it. I then started writing my album called “I Can Actually Speak.” When I wrote my first EP called “Censorship,” I felt and still feel I didn’t and couldn’t put out my feelings as well. I physically and mentally couldn’t, I didn’t quite understand the feelings I was having. The name of my album “I Can Actually Speak” ties all of the songs together into one saying “this what I can do now, that I couldn’t do before.” Pushing all of the anger, sadness, and frustration out. It felt so clear alongside with taking a new approach on my sound. Everything felt clear.

The beginning of where “I Can Actually Speak” started was not easy, identity issues arose. I didn’t understand a lot of the things that were happening to me, and I couldn’t control how others did things to me. Most of all, I couldn’t stop people from hurting me. I had to let go of a lot of people for the state of my mentality. In the begin, I felt like I couldn’t get the right words out while writing ICAS, but the raw emotion of anger, sadness, and frustration dealt with by me writing on a piece of paper and putting it with a beat and a melody felt right in the end. I didn’t have to make the change for those who aren’t willing to do so, and I can finally feel figured out.

Sid Ready

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