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Retrofresh by Mootzart
My name is Mootzart. I am a composer and sound designer, but I have been interested in most modern art-forms for many years. Since I was a young child, I had the fortune of exposure to great musical works and education of the genres. Rock, Metal, Pop, Funk, Folk, Dance, Trance, Drum & Bass, Techno and so on…

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Music, Sound and other Arts

This upbringing of sonic consumption embedded a deep lust for knowing how it is done because as I grew older, it felt like something that was a part of my being. It made me who I am and able to learn more. As Philip Ball (Music Instinct) says “Music is an inevitable product of human intelligence.” Music is part of us, born from a universal system that we are able to tap into. It makes us smarter. I can not imagine a life without it.

I have spent many years learning how to play the guitar like many others before me. Adapting styles to my own such as finger-style acoustic to heavy riffing on electric. Other instruments made their way on to my portfolio also. But my main passion is music technology and production.

Music is not the only thing that tickles my fancy. Nearly all art amazes me. Be it drawing, painting or any other form of the like. But I am afraid my skills have not taken me there quite yet. The realm of digital art, however, is. 3D modeling is a new hobby as well as game development, and I wish that some of my concepts and universes make it to peoples screens one day soon.

I often state that I am an Audiomancer! For this feels like the best way to describe the way I am… I am not just a composer… not just a designer of sound.,. or performer… but I attached myself to all aspects of sound.

It’s the Art we make

Like all artists, I need the support of the world and its inhabitants to help me move forward. Artists provide art to be consumed by the rest of the population. Art is part of our cultural advancement and one of the wonders of human creation.

Sure all of the other aspects of human creation are amazing! I for one am fascinated by all things science and even… maths. In reality, they are the foundations of art in my opinion.

But its the art that we make with them that allows us to think in an abstract form. To think outside of the box as ‘they’ say. Art allows our minds to escape from the harsh realities that we have formed around us; these barriers cannot be broken by law in general… however, art in its many forms allows us this escape that we all desire.

The State of the Mind

Now it’s not that art makes us run away from what’s important. But it helps to clear the mind of negativity in most cases. And a clear mind finds new ideas (even knowing that the logic of that sentence makes no sense: How can something clear/empty produce something/anything?) But really its a case of how humans work… being of a ‘clear mind’ isn’t literal. But instead, it is something of a state that we need to be creative further than the current state. Some do this through meditation and control over time… and some escape reality using art.

I myself decided that music was the best way for me to express this. Sound is half of the story for me. Followed by visuals. My mind can see things without my eyes.. but without sound, I would feel lost completely. Hand in hand they are harmonious. But we need to make that crucial decision, don’t we?

If you like what you hear

Sound creates vision, ideas, and stability in other ways. Not to mention the fact I believe there are unknown scientific uses for sound vibration ( that follow suit with.. Cymatic frequency, Vibrational/Sonic Levitation, Healing potential in Phycological matters such as Hypersonic effect and music therapy).

But to finalize this short blog I say that if you like what you hear… then support it. Or we will live in a world envisioned by Jules Verne in ‘Paris In The Twentieth Century’ where art is a mockery. A world without art will be low poly without style, dark without ambiance and lacking in something… human.

Retrofresh – EP, by Mootzart

Retrofresh – EP by Mootzart, released 13 November 2018 1. Why Dont You Dance 2. Save Me Room This is a promo extended play to kick off my attempt at a fresh retro style. Some pop/funk vibes produced in a DIY fashion.


Artist’s Note
Exeter, UK
Acoustic, Alternative, Electronic, Beats, Funk, Pop
beautiful, free mind, art, trend, retro, guitar, composer, sound designer, sound engineer

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