I love music with Ennui

by modeeisennui

I love music with Ennui by modeeisennui
Nice to meet you Everyone in the world. 初めまして、私の名前はモデです。I am making music from Japan. I use electronics and guitar etc. It is chill out with ennui. I would like to introduce my music.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

These are songs using instrumental music and Vocaloid, expressing ennui and romantic. I receive inspiration from illustrations, landscapes, movies, etc. There are a few things about me, too.

For example, expresses the quietness of the night, the coldness of the snow, favorite characters, old memories, and explosions of emotions with various sounds.

My favorite music is alternative, electronica, chillwave, and rock. My album is gathered up in the genre chosen at that time.

The album “私 from now on” is a chill-out sound at lo-fi.
The album “modee is ennui” is an alternative and gentle flowing electronica.
And metallic and high gain is the album “忍 is Alone” etc.

But all these sounds are ennui. That is my concept and me. I am glad if there are people who like my sound.



Alternative, Electronica, Rock, Chillwave, Indie
ennui, chill out, Alternative, Ambient, Indie

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