It Started Around A Glass Table…

by Catch Me Catatonic

It Started Around A Glass Table by Catch Me Catatonic
Catch me Catatonic is Soul-Punk. It started around a glass table. Some of us had been friends for years, and some of us had only just met, but we were immediately connected by our passion for music. We come from different places and pull our musical inspirations from even more places, but we contribute equally to the creation of every song we play, and it’s been magic from day one.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Catch Me Catatonic is Adrielle (lead guitar/vocals/lyrics), Kelson (bass/vocals/guitar/lyrics), and JaX (drums/piano/lyrics). We strive to make music that we love: music we can dance to, scream to, cry to, and bleed on the mic to.


I’ve been playing guitar since I was 14. I was a quiet kid. I guess I still am. Countless hours alone in my room, sleepless nights, lonely weekends… all were spent consulting six strings and twenty-one frets.

I had always wanted to be in a band. To me, music is the ultimate form of communication. If none of us spoke words, but only walked around sharing our songs through our instrument of choice, I’d be completely content with this life. I never felt quite right in any social group until Catch Me Catatonic.

A few years before I came to the glass table, I started coming out of my shell as a musician. Which slowly led to me coming out of my shell as a person. I started hopping around any Denver bar I could find that provided an open mic. I started realizing that music performance could become a reality for me.

Then one day, an old friend asked me if I wanted to start a band. We hadn’t talked in years, but when we attended a Hawthorne Heights show at the Marquis, it was like no time had passed. I agreed to come to his apartment a few weeks later to jam with some other people he had reached out to. We bonded around a glass table, and that’s where it all began.

To me, Catch Me Catatonic is exactly those words. Learning to embrace and be embraced. Moving from immobilized and mute to still and silent.

Each of us have had our taste of darkness. By coming together, we’ve learned that it’s okay to carry it along in the same bag of everything else we’ve gleaned throughout life. We’ve learned that support will always be there.

We’re learning to share the Catch Me part of Catatonic with those who haven’t found it yet.


Three bands done. Left my first real job out of college. A bad breakup. Poor reactions to medication meant to combat anxiety and depression. A mental break that left me questioning my identity.

Mine is a story of everything falling apart at the right time. In one year everything changed from moving forward to being lost. The universe gutted my life to open up space and give me the right path forward.

So I spent lots of time wandering and wondering, and not knowing how to put myself together. Staying alive one day after the next. One day I got a text that would change my life. Nothing drastic, just an invitation to jam. Nothing to lose, I accepted and went to an apartment and played music around a glass table with a half dozen other musicians. It was lovely. It gave me hope.


Before the glass table, I had the wonderful opportunity to play the drums for Until Midnight for four years. But then I took a break due to a bunch of different difficult reasons, and I wasn’t sure if I would ever return to playing music. I was facing a lot of personal turmoil with past trauma, addictions, and identity.

And then my wife Isobel wanted to explore singing. She had a dream, and she wished for me to be part of it. She inspired me to start coming back to life. So I thought carefully about who I wanted to share creative space with – not just music but art in all forms. And advocacy within social justice. Who did I feel comfortable enough to be raw around? Who could I bleed with? Who could I be 110% authentic with?

My life long friend Kelson who was also in Until Midnight – whom I have had such an interconnected musical soul with. And Adrielle, also a life long friend, whom I’ve always dreamt of having a band with ever since high school.

Then the first night that we all got together, it felt instantly magical, almost spiritual. It was like making music love. Music had never felt like that to me. I finally found peace with Adrielle, Kelson, and Izzy. They helped me let go of shame and fear. They encourage growth. CMC is my ‘other marriage.’ I’d do anything for CMC, after all, they keep me alive.

I just hope to share the peace I have with CMC with the rest of the world. Especially that person who is feeling hopeless. Hold on, pain ends.



Artist’s Note
Parker, Colorado
Alternative, Punk, Rock, Blues, Jazz
soul-punk, genre blending, friendship

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