Words & Music

by Josue Febles

Words & Music by Josue Febles
I used to write lyrics and sing, but with the years I’ve come to find words too commanding. Lyrics tend to tell you where to go and how using music just as a vehicle to give their directions more power. As opposed to that, music without words means total freedom! Your imagination and the sensorial world find no boundaries. You are left alone face to face with all the power of Music.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

It’s like the difference between a film and a book. Commercial movies in particular guide you through a controlled spectrum of emotions: you know how to feel and when, who’s good or bad and who must be killed at the end. It’s like a roller coaster.

When you read a book your mind is entirely free to picture places and faces, tastes and colors; your imagination works with what you’re reading to create a unique brand new world in which you are an active participant. There are no tracks. You can take off. You fly!

But most human beings – for some reason, and sometimes even in the name of freedom!- are constantly looking for or waiting for someone or something to guide us. We fear freedom because we don’t like to be left alone with ourselves, with our doubts and fears and emotions. (Technology has taken a significant role in this picture: people don’t have time for anything anymore, and much less to be free). Not good times for instrumental music…

And here I am, somehow trying to explain the power of music through words!

Josue Febles

Josue Febles, Category: Artist, Albums: Temporary Dance Manifesto, Merci, Electric Impros, In Spanish, Please, Gasoline Rainbows, Singles: Colera – Single, Susu – Demo, Elephant Talk, Top Tracks: War Sucks, Indifference, Tunel, Reflejos 2, Finale Danse, Biography: I'm mainly an eclectic composer and guitarist., Monthly Listeners: 17, Where People Listen: Buenos Aires, Los Mochis, Canyelles, Barcelona, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


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Colera, Spain
Acoustic, Alternative, Rock, Pop, Instrumental, Soundtrack
Music, music without words, the power of music, movies, books, imagination

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