„93-105”, my new album, my old story.

by Adam Majdecki-Janicki

93-105, my new album, my old story. by Adam Majdecki-Janicki

The album costs 3 euro, but took 18 years to make, of course, not continuous 18 years, but I wouldn’t record such music without living my life as I did since 2002 when I started recording cassette tapes with my friend in a high rise block in Poznań, Poland. The block’s address was 93-105. So, now you all know what „planet 93-105” means. And high rise blocks are really like separate planets, at least in Poland…

And cassettes are beautiful items, surviving years and owners, and „93-105” is now not only my block’s address, an imaginary planet, and album title, but also a beautiful cassette released with Illuminated Paths, USA, and this full circle of space and tapes, and my life April-July 2020 is what this story is all about a sound story. A sound story best experienced on cassette.

So go grab a copy of „93-105”, and feel like it’s 2002 in a Poznań, Poland high rise block, or elsewhere in the galaxy, wherever imagination takes you… this cassette is yours, not mine, now. And 18 years are gone, but it feels like light years…

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Cosmic organic Lo-Fi music from the planet 93-105, and other sonic curiosities. Written, performed, and recorded by Adam Majdecki-Janicki. Since 2002.

That’s what my Bandcamp bio said until 2020. Now it contains a quote from Wilder Gonzales Agreda, a musical artist from Peru, owner of Superspace Records, which released my first new (not self-released) album for 2020, „Bother Only in Case of Apocalypse” back in April.

Things have been busy on planet 93-105, and Wilder had this to say about me and the album:

Adam Majdecki-Janicki is a prolific musician and producer born June 24 1985 in Poznań, Poland. He debuts on Superspace Records with a massive album tinged with krautrock, neo psych and folk ambient. “Bother Only In Case Of Apocalypse” is a strange gem that falls to earth in a 2020 where humanity seems to renew itself forced to invent new paradigms. This record could well be the music for the neo-archaic renaissance.

Could it?


From a lost location in western Poland, halfway between Berlin and Warsaw, Adam Majdecki-Janicki conjures in his music the most abstract guitars of krautrock with hints of noise folk. The result refers to a crossing between Flying Saucer Attack and Amon Düül II or to an UFO landing in the Middle Ages of forests and villages. All nicely for the lovers of the return to entheogenic dreams. Flutes, freeways at dawn, distortions and echoes are his arsenal. Science fiction transmuted into rural psychedelia, or in Adam’s words, “pure life, pure art”.

He also interviewed me for his magazine Peru Avantgarde, and did a tremendous job of promoting my music in Peru.

Then, something happened in Berlin – closer to my location than Warsaw, and „Gorczyn High Rise Radio” was released in May 2020. The album contains a variety of moods, and the highlighted piece „Kosmos 1” is only a small part of the musical spectrum found on „High Rise Radio.” The album was meant to be heard as a radio play from a distant galaxy, straight from the planet 93-105, of course, somewhere deep in the Alpha Persei clusters. Things have been busy.

I took many trips in such a short time… From deep space to Peru, through Germany, to… France, where „Eimi” was released in June with Snow in Water Records.

Adam Majdecki-Janicki offers outstanding music, like an archive noise, an open breath on a film from another era. An experiment that makes sound a landscape, a sound/space continuum. Yuri Morozov is the great inspiration, the clever and resourceful electronics of these studios piercing the solitude of the bands and official orchestras. There is no commemoration in this tribute to the great Russian composer. Perception alone, the memory of a burning film, a stalker in search of a mirrored universe. Adam Majdecki-Janicki makes textures-cassettes, sound worlds buried in the memory of a sky full of stars. Eimi, or the open sound of a walking talent.
– Nicolas Tourney

I am always busy with new music, so please enjoy my year as it is half-over, and another half of it modestly begins. I hope as fruitful for me as the first months of it were, and as those four albums show. I think it is essential for any artist always to move forward but never forget his roots. Sound verifies them anyway, so if you’re true to your roots, you always win in this game called existence. And you can „play it to the end”, just like in an old Beatles song, „of the beginning.” Turns out the beginning is in Florida, USA, where „93-105” found a physical home, as it is my first physical album as Adam Majdecki-Janicki.

Ideas going objects, and objects going ideas, the circle is really full. Support cassette culture and your local music underground, and the global underground scene.

Superspace Records
Illuminated Paths

Artist’s Note
Poznań, Poland
Experimental, Electronic, Lo-fi, Noise, Pop, Rock, Vaporwave
Cassette, tape, Synth, Score, broken machine films, scape, porn, Florida

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