Two Junkies

by Jade Steven

Burnt Toast Cosmonauts’ Two Junkies by Jade Steven
So when I was living in Lakewood, CO and I was beginning to write what would end up being Burnt Toast Cosmonaut’s self-titled album. I was getting a lot of my first shows in Colorado even though they were just acoustic gigs I was taking a lot of pride in what I was I doing. At this time I was working at this nursing home because at the time I was a CNA, which in and of itself was incredibly rewarding. But any who one day this just super cute mousy girl Shelbe started working with us.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

She was a cool chick seemed to like a lot of cool shit, but through our conversations I learned, she was homeless, ( I suspected there was more to it ) but here and her boyfriend were living in their Subaru Outback. So I invited them over so they could do laundry and shower and the such.

And everything was going smoothly but then one day she came over just crying her eyes out; she said that her boyfriend went back to using heroin again and she didn’t want to be involved with him. So I let her stay, we watched Wizard of Oz, we got pretty close.

Then one day her boyfriend came over banging on my door and you know I assumed I was either gonna have to kick his ass or call the cops, I answered the door he was crying saying I stole his shampoo and body wash. Shelbe came to the door said she handle it, she walked out with him to his car, and I never saw her again.

It was the weirdest thing. So I wrote the whole song about it called Two Junkies; it’s on our new album.


Artist’s Note
Denver, Colorado
Alternative, Folk Punk, Grunge, Indie, Psychedelic, Stoner Rock
homeless, junkie, heroin, song

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