Tone poems

by Artjom

Tone poems by Artjom (Oudeis)

Photo taken by Evert Palmets.

Hi, my name’s Artjom. I am from the city of Tallinn in Estonia, a country on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. I’m the guy behind electronic projects such as Oudeis, Jaded Fields (drone and ambient), and Democide (techno). As of recent, Jaded Fields and Democide are on hiatus since I’m trying to experiment with sounds, to explore, which is the basis of my Oudeis project.

Listen to the songs while reading the text.

A Whole New World

My interest in music was sparked by my father, who taught me some of the basics of playing the guitar. So for a long time, I’d just write some primitive chord progressions and melodies and stored them away, never to be seen or heard again.

Electronic music was presented to me by my cousin who had some knowledge of how to make music on the computer, so a whole new world was laid down in front of me. I started tinkering with demos of various DAWs until I settled down on one of them. From then on, I simply learned how to use it, all trial and error, reading tutorials came later. These were my teenage years.

Exploring New Genres

Initially, my primary genre, or the one that got me some attention from local music bloggers and radio DJs, was Industrial and Rhythmic Noise. I made that kind of stuff because I’d been working in an industrial setting during summer breaks. I could hear all the machinery working and creating wondrous rhythms and textures.

After a while, I branched out to dubstep, techno, downtempo and eventually ambient and IDM. I never really liked the idea of confining myself to one single genre. Thus, I experiment with quite a few new styles adding them to the ones I already mentioned, and I like to mix them every once in a while.

The exploration doesn’t really end, I believe.


As for the local music scene in Tallinn, it’s rather colorful. Although, in recent years, it has been oversaturated with techno (both in the mainstream and the underground scenes).

However, we do have some events and projects that give genres and artists that are less known an opportunity to expose themselves to a broader audience. I’ve played my stuff at some of them, and a vast majority of them have been enjoyable experiences.


My music is mostly sonic pondering on themes that I happen to stumble upon or am asked to consider or am informed of. Inspiration can come from anywhere, really.

“Tondichtung” is one of my latest releases which started as an attempt to make a soundtrack for a short film. Although the tracks didn’t make the cut, I released it anyway.

The reason for discarding them was due to them not being meditative enough. Personally, I think these two tracks denote certain states of mind and thought processes in quite a cinematic manner, using long droning tones, simple and slow arpeggios mixed with minimalistic melodies which, in my mind, are like the different layers of ideas, thoughts and also emotions.

Tondichtung means “tone poem” or “symphonic poem,” a term I picked up from researching movies like Koyaanisqatsi, Baraka, and so on.


Oudeis, Category: Artist, Albums: Impulsae, Instrumental Affirmations, Singles: Heretic Ambient, Innermost, Collusion, Borderline Cosmonaut, Luddite Astronaut, Top Tracks: Nine Cycles, Saturnalia, My Digital Delusion, First Word of the First God, Omicron – Jaded Fields Remix, Monthly Listeners: 7, Where People Listen: Tallinn, Hanover, Lithonia, Tucson, Rolling Meadows

Jaded Fields on Bandcamp
Democide on Bandcamp


Artist’s Note
Tallinn, Estonia
Electronic, Alternative, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise, Minimal, Experimental
soundscapes, melodic, soundtrack, short film

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