The heyoka chants but who’s listening?

by The Pilgrim

Heyoka Chants by The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim is the artistic name I gave myself as a singer-songwriter and guitar player because I’ve done and studied so many different stuff, lived in many places, traveled and changed my life more than once. I’ve lived many lives in one, in the search for myself, guided by inspiration, challenging myself, learning so much and preserving my essence and sensitivity.

I live for freedom, truth, justice, compassion and altruism. I want to get moved, I want to cultivate special experiences, relationships and feelings, I want to investigate the dark sides of the soul.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

My willpower makes me create my life according to my inspiration, my feeling and my imagination, in order to transcend the limits of an ordinary vision of life, to ascend to the purest essence and the greatest mystery beyond reality, even though I have a very disenchanted vision of the human world.

My music is the daughter of the most sincere influences by rock and related, especially from the ‘90s, but dropped into today’s devastating scenario.

After the first two albums, in which I finally allowed myself (even too late) to believe in my songwriting, in which I experimented and tried to do a little bit of everything with the help of others, now I finally got to my third album “Heyoka Chants” that’s almost entirely acoustic, recorded all by myself (drums included) in my bucolic home studio upon the hills. It represents the pinnacle of my songwriting so far, including influences such as Elliott Smith, the west coast folk-rock, The Beatles, the grunge unplugged performances and a shoegaze-drenched closing track.

Who is a “heyoka”? It’s a Native American culture’s sacred character, the divine clown, the crazy wisdom therapist who acts in an opposite fashion to the people around. A certain Western psychology has borrowed this term to define a “super-empath” kind of personality, even at his/her own detriment.

My lyrics are personal, melancholic or a little angry, but they are never narrative or figurative, they are always somehow poetic, elusive and succinct, partly out of discretion, and partly because I don’t like being didactic. They are expressionistic, they bring together sensations, thoughts, feelings, emotions and contrasts: inside of me I know what they talk about, but they come up to me in an open form so that maybe everyone can read their own meanings. Whether the listener gets my meaning or feels other meanings, to appreciate my music you need your heart, you need to feel a certain emotional connection with me.

There are two sonic hallmarks on this album, besides my typical vigorous rhythm on acoustic guitar and my quite rich bass lines: there are some reverbed electric guitar solos that resonate in the darkest night and some “angelic” choirs that gently transport you into the mysterious and infinite space.

If you listen to the last track “Easy Falling Down” through headphones, at night, with your eyes closed, you will hear further sounds that your mind will generate on top…



Artist’s Note
Alternative, Country, Acoustic-Rock, Alternative Rock, Folk, Indie Rock, Post-Grunge, Shoegaze
singer-songwriter, home recording, acoustic, heyoka

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