one small stEP

by Major Moment

one small stEP by Major MomentJoined by a Brazilian-born guitarist Gabriel de Mattia, and New Hampshire native, Adam Soucy, Andrey & Sasha (now known as Major Moment) were on the mission to create the sound that is almost extinct these days, that good old alt.rock of the early 2000s, but keeping it unique and fresh.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

On September 7th, 2018, Major Moment released their debut EP, “one small stEP,” that talks about real life experiences we have gone through. Every song is deeply emotional and deals with topics such as relationships, perspective, mental health issues, and loss.

We designed this record as a cohesive experience for our listeners. In an era of singles and 30-seconds previews, we’re hoping you’ll find some time to listen to this EP front to back and appreciate the thought behind it. A lot of work went into creating this story. There are a lot of references and layers, nothing is one-dimensional, everything is there for a reason.

Listening Experience

Instead of making a regular release party, Major Moment applied a creative approach to presenting their debut EP, accessible to fans all over the world.

We could’ve won an award for the ‘most documented album creation ever’! 5 days of pre-production, 5 days of tracking, editing, mastering… Everything got filmed! The camera was running non-stop, so we ended up with over 100 hours of footage! This was the first ever studio experience for us, except Adam, who’s been recording in studios since he was 14. So of course, it was special, and we wanted to be able to share our excitement with people outside of the studio.

The initial plan was to make a 2-hour movie about making this record. But as we started editing, and cutting out some rough takes, we came up with an idea to create a special “listening experience” on our website. We decided not to present a polished version of ourselves, as many other musicians do, but to introduce people to everything that actually took place. Starting from Day 1 “mumble demos” and a thought process behind each song’s inception. To the actual tracking, including both, epic fails and epic wins. We understand that failures are an essential element on the way to success. And we hope to witness the road from a rough sketch to a polished radio-ready commercially sounding track will inspire emerging musicians to work on their craft.

In addition to that, we included a variety of bonuses: an artwork evolution gallery, concept trailers, free downloads of songs, instrumentals, acapella, karaoke versions, a couple of surprises, and, of course, lots of funny videos. That’s definitely worth checking out!

The Future

We’ve just released our debut EP three weeks ago, but are already heading back to the Halo Studios in two days, to record more songs. We had a pleasure of recording “one small stEP” with acclaimed producer Kevin Billingslea and six-time Grammy Winner Adam Ayan, who mastered it. And words cannot express how much of a game-changer that choice was. Working in a production environment like this was very inspiring and also addictive in a good way. We can’t wait to start working on new songs…


Boston, Massachusetts
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