Feature Release of the Week

by _DramaDolls

Feature Release of the Week by DramaDolls
DramaDolls’ EP Therapy was Three D Radio’s feature of the week, 1/10/18.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

We recently released a 6 track EP, THERAPY. It was self-recorded and produced and on its release attracted a lot of interest in both USA and Australia.

Three D radio, based in Adelaide, has always championed independent music throughout Australia and the rest of the world. Here you are introduced to music you may not find anywhere else.

Three D made DramaDolls’ THERAPY feature release of the week on Oct 1, 2018. As a result, we received an enormous amount of airplay and exposure, and this has raised the profile of the band as well as sales of the release.

We are currently working on another release for 2018 as well as a full album.

Artist’s Note
Indie, Post Pop, Electro organic

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