If you’re in love; be the difference!

by Firgun

If you're in love; be the difference! by Firgun
What if you couldn’t love the difference in the world?
All the excitement of feeling love, fear, hope…
You would be someone else; but who?
We are nothing more than a bunch of insecurities and uncertainties!
We are always lost in a dark room; full with presumption and bad mood…
But we just want to be happy!

It’s simpler than we think…
Really! I’ll show it to you!

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Hey! You’re here…
I’m sorry; I incentivated you to believe that I could teach you how to be happy, but I’m not so happy as it appears.
I’m pretty sure you know my pain. But we can’t be sad, right?
Please, stop for a moment; and think about the quietness of the sunshine breathing through the leaves… Think about the best hug you ever received… Imagine the first smile and look that you’re mother gave you…
Are you feeling better?
I’m feeling better; because I know that you’re feeling hope growing in your veins… Do you know that feeling? Imagine feeling that all the time! That’s one of the pure reasons that lead me into turning my music into heartful promises.

“Firgun” is (in modern Hebrew) a word originated in Yiddish. This feeling translates the idea of being happy with someone’s success; means sharing or contributing to someone’s pleasure or destiny, with generosity and without jealousy or envy. –  – This feeling should be the most important one… But being in love is bigger than everything else. That’s why we turn the jealousness into a beautiful flower. But we don’t stop being jealous.

Nowadays; we are more and more possessive. It’s all about “having” and nothing about “giving.” This is the most important lesson that I’ve been taught. We can’t be sad (all the time),  because we are the true reason for our sadness. We are always living with insatisfaction, broken dreams, untold promises; but we forget the true meaning of being free (…)

Living and experience the best side of the moon, it’s (by far) the most beautiful need.
That’s why I ask you: Why do you need the needy? You’ve been more; every day, when you wake up, you’re giving more to someone else…
Someone rather than you is feeling much better because you care for a simple gesture. That’s why I’m an artist… I’m always searching for the next big experience that I can share with the others (all around the world) just by playing simple chords and by whispering my lyrics…

I just want you to know that I’m always by your side because I care for you… And why? Because you’re always ready to listen to me…

I’m always complaining about my life: the bad lovers, the bad grades at college; the bad days; the headaches; etc… And you’re always there believing in me; when I tell you that it’s going to be better (tomorrow).
You trust in me, and we cry and smile along.
Seven days ago I was drunk in my garage (with my guitar) playing a sad song that I wrote about my ex-girlfriend. We broke up because she wasn’t feeling complete. Now; I understand her message…
When you’re in love, you only try to be different… Better than the ex, better than her/his old lover… But you forget the most special part; If you want to be “the one,” you have to become the difference in the life of the others.

It’s common to see people trying to be different; but, somehow, all of them achieve the same “vibe,” the same “experiences,” the same “posture”… I tried to be different (as she tried too), but I achieved a position that I wanted her to achieve; for me, she was the difference between a bad day and a good day; she was the part that completed the blanks in my stupidity… But (for her) I was only one different love, that loved different things, and that shared a different vision of being in love… She never felt that she was the “difference” that fulfilled me… Now; we don’t talk to each other (and we don’t have to!).

If you’re in love, be the difference, because (someday) you will learn that it’s better to give than to be given in vain.


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Artist’s Note
Santa Maria Da Feira, Portugal
Alternative, Alternative Pop, Alternative Rock, Indie, Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Psychedelic
consciousness, awareness, difference, feelings, happiness, love, soulful

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