Howlin’ Herman And The Dwellers

by Tiger Morrocco

Howlin' Herman And The Dwellers

We would say it’s great to hear you enjoyed our unique blend of genres, but we hear that every day baby! I’m a Gypsy Dub Rockstaaa sugar!

We invented the genre of Viber and we ain’t done there, next we’re gonna invent portable lean fat grilling machines…. sign up for updates on this project by texting “update me hoe” to 0800-GRILL-ME-NICELY.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Back to our music and our story… many millennia back now we all cracked out of the same egg tumbling down the peaks of Mount Armani on the Planet Boogiedooobie or something of the nature… burnt by candle light writing our memoirs in the barn of a large white dog we pledged to tickle the trumpets of the southerly winds and so upon this discovery we were summoned into the teacher’s office and christained rabbis of the far-right musical creational anarchist philosophy.

Life on the road as musical priests has been best and worst of times, one time Daddy Long Legs jumped out a moving van with his skis another time I offered him out for a fight on stage and spat red wine on his white suit, but we’ve also passed several civilizations through into higher dimensions one time we wet the hinges of a rusty Scottish lady named Dee.

All in all, life as a musician killed most of our bandmates… spontaneous combustion has proven a deadly curse upon our band but we still fulfill our duty and service to the people of the universe and the honor of Howlin Herman.


Artist’s Note
England, UK
Alternative, Dub, Gipsy, Psychedelic Rock, Viber, Reggae

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