E.A.R. – Electronic Alternative Rock

by Joseph Sorensen

E.A.R. - Electronic Alternative Rock - GRMBLGRMBLI’m 25 years old, living in Central New York. I often think about taking a one-way ticket to the West Coast, specifically like Los Angeles, or Seattle. I have been working on putting out what I believe is the best I can do with what I have. I’ve recorded hundreds of songs, I have written over 790 poems. I do what I do because I love art. Music is awesome. I’m not attempting to re-invent the wheel. I don’t want to sound the same. I’m not looking to fit into standards.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

An open perspective

The last few years, I’ve created a distinct sound that I thoroughly enjoy; my work has typically been experimental. I prefer making original material. I’ve been working on putting an album out that I enjoy from start to finish. I’ve made many attempts, which are available. Initially, I did not intend to make so much, but I just want to put out what I believe is the best. “Death Order” will be out on Halloween of this year.

I really like having an open perspective when writing the lyrics. It could mean many things. I love to be very personal. Sometimes I write something that I don’t like about myself, and want to change. I may also write about a series or an event in history that resonated a message for me. It might be political.

Sometimes there are multiple messages. Even in the instrumentation, there might be an aspect of horror. As for song structure, I prefer to imitate life realistically. The average song structure has noticeable change, like verse and chorus. The song could just loop. Life is like a loop, a circle, rather than a hill, in my opinion. There are ups and downs, but it’s always going. Everything will gather dust eventually; everything will be forgotten. It doesn’t hurt to remember, or re-acknowledge.

Everyones hungry

The GrumbleGrumbles, or GRMBLGRMBLS, is the sound made from being hungry. Everyone’s got a hunger, whether that’s food, or achieving. I can’t remember exactly where it came from. Maybe an old friend said it, and it stuck. It’s also a reference to a video game. Video game soundtracks are just as important to me as any band, or artist.

Besides music, art, and video games, I get a lot of influence from stand-up comedy, and film. I’d best describe the music I make as Electronic Alternative Rock, or music for the E.A.R.

Though I do it mainly for myself, I really hope that other people can relate. We’re all humans, very different, very flawed. Acceptance is the most important thing. Coming to terms with reality. What’s actually happening, and does it affect me? What can I do to change for the better? Is there anything I can do?



New York
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