Healing Sounds

by K.P. Ransom

Ohmwrecker: Music was our Salvation

Ohmwrecker was formed out of complete chaos and desperation.

After recording 20+ albums by myself as Six Car Collision for 18 years, I moved from Boston to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and was unable to write and play music for about 4 years. I was just blocked… completely stuck and unable to write or say what it is I needed to say. For the first time since I’d started writing and performing, I was completely helpless.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

In need of each other

At the same exact time, our other guitar player Pete lost his life partner to a car accident when she was killed by a drunk driver. He was hurt, lost, and needed something badly to filter all that pain, I think. We were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, and I think we just kind of came across each other at a time when we both needed each other in the other’s life.

Music was our salvation during our respective darknesses, and we were inspired by one another.

So we started making music. It just kind of happened organically, and it was really easy. We built a studio of our own out at Pete’s property, making it possible for us to express ourselves whenever we wanted. And that became our healing place. Together we were able to fight through all of our shit… and turn it all into something positive. Next thing we know, we have a bunch of these raw, mean, melodic rock songs that we really like. So, we invited some other musicians to come down and take part, and before you know it, we have Jon, Steve, and then we’re opening for Bob Log III and out on a U.S. tour of our own.

Write, record and release

We are a band that is completely segregated from everybody else’s rules and processes. For us, it is simply about writing songs, expressing ourselves and that release. There is no drama and no ego involved when we get in that space. We have created our own musical environment to exist in, and although it’s very open and inviting to the like-minded, it is completely closed off and protected from those who aren’t.

We write and record as much as we want, and we play and tour whenever the hell we feel like it.

All we care about is the release and creating an aural representation of ourselves as individuals within those walls we’ve created for ourselves.

Everything else to us in invisible.

We look forward to unleashing the second chapter of our story later this year.

Peace, love, and empathy,



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