Digital Queer Aesthetics

by Ava (Hegemonix)

Digital Queer Aesthetics by Ava (Hegemonix)
My name is Ava and Ben, I use they/them pronouns, and I make music as Hegemonix. I’ve recently been exploring online queer aesthetics via electronic music and music videos. I’ve been using digital instruments and my physical body to communicate my exploration of having a non-binary gender identity. I’m interested in using the “precise” robotic language of electronic music combined with the uncertainty of the voice and body to explore what it means to be human in today’s digital world.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I recently created a music video for the song Magic Eyes off of my album neonZone. It explores digital queer aesthetics by purposing my body as an instrument that I play in both male and female styles. I made the video by composing digitally affected shots or paintings in which subtle changes of motion gradually occur.

I wanted to create a visual representation of the title of the song and of being an appealing visual stimulant for another person or part of yourself. In the song and video, I appear as that kind of stimulant for both the male and female parts of myself, thus inhabiting an androgynous or non-binary zone where desire is evenly distributed within both of these performative gender roles.

Enjoy the music and thanks for listening!


Artist’s Note
United States
Alternative, Electronic, Pop, Rock
Queer, queer aesthetics, androgyn, non-binary, gender identity

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