Bad Boy or Famous Celebrity?

by Perfect Giddimani

Bad Boy or Famous Celebrity? by Perfect Giddimani
Some time ago, a personal incident at an airport in Italy once again showed me that, as a black man I too often get to feel like the bad boy, even when I have done nothing at all to do so. But from time to time, you get treated as celebrity nevertheless.

I was booked to perform in Sicily (Italy), but I had to change planes in Bari (South Italy) to get there. Chillin in Bari at the airport I noticed that I was being watched by airport police while sitting at my departure gate.

Bad Boy at first

The officer, a woman, started walking in my direction and came over to where I was and said: “You, Sir, follow me this way.” I was shocked, and thinking to my self at the same time, what did I do wrong? Plus, the other passengers at the gate gave me the look, like, “YES, THEY CAUGHT HIM, BAD BOY!”

Note, I was the only black man in the airport at that time.

However, I followed her up to this little office and stepped in. There was also another woman officer. She¬† smiled and asked, “Are you nervous?” I said, “Not really, no. But why am I here?” She laughed, and said, “Don’t worry, we know you. You are Perfect Giddimani,” and she started singing one of my songs on the top of her voice. She said, she saw when I passed, watched and waited until I had a seat and sent her co-worker to get me.

Celebrity at the end

We spoke for a few minutes. I did autographs, and then they escorted me back to the gate. But it did not end there. When we got back to the gate, the line to board the plane was already formed. They took me to the front of the line, before everybody. I could see the same people starting to give me a different look, now (lol). When it was time to board, the policewomen both escorted me on the plane. The same people again had a look on their face, now like “WHICH DIPLOMAT IS THIS?” (lol)

The trip to Sicily was terrific…

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