Anti​-​Racism Riddim by Giddimani Records

Anti​-​Racism Riddim by Giddimani Records

Another fantastic collection of hot Reggae talents by Giddimani Records, Anti-Racism Riddim, has been released on March 30.

Anti-Racism Riddim

Perfect Giddimani contributes two of his own songs on the album compilation Anti-Racism Riddim. In addition, he presents fourteen new talents. Most noteworthy, a concept to promote upcoming Reggae artists he pursues for quite some time now. Consequently, the label Giddimani Records is certainly bigger than “Perfect” alone.

While you can alreadybuy the digital album from Bandcamp, it is not (yet) available in Vinyl or as CD, and not from iTunes or Amazon.

Giddimani Records

BillboardArtist/Producer Perfect Giddimani is the stage name for Greg Rose of St. Ann, Jamaica.  Furthermore, his publishing company Chalice Palace Muzic also founded Giddimani Records. Most noteworthy, the record label actively supports upcoming talents and professional artist on compilations and albums.

“We make the hits you make the biscuits”.

Greg Rose (born 26 March 1980), who is better known by his stage names Perfect GiddimaniMr. Perfect or simply Perfect is a Jamaican reggae singer, performer and producer. Especially relevant, he has gained worldwide recognition for his reggae hit “Hand Cart Bwoy”. The hit song entered the Jamaican charts in 2004. As a result, it created a wave of support for local peddlers who ply their wares in the markets and on the streets. (Wikipedia)


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