On a Rainy Valentine’s Day

by Marlee Quirarte

Marlee Quirarte on a rainy Valentine's Day
Earlier this year, on Valentine’s Day, I wrote the first song for the new EP “Fall” together with my producer Abe Hovey. It’s been a rainy day, but since we were in Abe’s shed, we didn’t notice it too much.

Let the rain share the spotlight

At one point while recording, we cracked open the window. Inspired by the moment, we let the rain share the spotlight in the recording. Because, the rain sound you hear on the finished track is real, recorded on a rainy Valentine’s day!

A rollercoaster of emotions

The EP was written in a time of much transition and big changes. TÄ¥erefore, I was heavily inspired. Some days not so much, some days very much so! It was a rollercoaster writing and producing this project, but I’m so thrilled about it and believe in it very much.

Please join me on this rollercoaster!


California, Los Angeles
Contemporary R&B, R&B/Soul
Recording, Valentine, Rain

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