We support Independent Music

At mySoundposter, we are different. We stand for a movement away from traditional revenue models, shifting the scales in the independent musician’s direction.

At the beginning of June, we launched a new movement within this blog. We let independent musicians speak about their music. In their own words. No exclusion, no censorship. And we share our advertising revenue along with a straightforward and transparent model.

Tell us your stories

Today’s streaming services show no interest in the original context of the music played. Much more, they want to add their own, namely playlists and algorithmic recommendations.

But music is so much more than just streaming audio, so much more than bits and bytes. There are always a lot of stories told with every recording, with every tour. Of people that often don’t even get mentioned anymore. Stories that enrich the music and create emotions. Stories that sadly get mostly lost nowadays.

Independent artists, tell us your stories. We would love to hear more about you, your music and your life.

Promote your music. Don’t pay, get paid!

We aim to bring back those stories in the best possible and open manner. On the mySoundposter blog, independent artists of any genre are welcome to promote their music and write about anything related to it. In addition to the written information, each blog post contains an image and sound (hence Soundposter™). It can be about:

  • The story behind an album, song or lyric
  • A funny thing that happened in the studio, on tour or during a video shooting
  • A new track or album
  • Tour dates and gigs
  • Plans for the future
  • (Musical) roots
  • And so much more…

That alone opens a new way of promoting music, going far beyond the scope of traditional platforms and social media. By finally giving back the face to digital music.

But that is not everything, yet. Especially noteworthy, we let our guest bloggers participate in our revenues in a straightforward and transparent model.

Get heard, get paid.

Support independent music

We support independent musicians by providing this blog. We open space for (inside) stories about music. And we pay to the artists a few extra bucks that hopefully will make a big difference to them.

You are an important and equally valued member of the independent music community, be it as an artist or as a fan. Make an impact. Come back often. As a result, you support independent music directly with every visit to our blog.

Stay tuned!

There’s more to come..


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