Smart Cops know I’m a stoner for life

by Perfect Giddimani

Smart Cops know I'm a stoner for life by Perfect Giddimani
A few years ago I was traveling from St. Ann to Kingston, Jamaica. While on the highway I noticed a police jeep signaling me to stop. I wasn’t speeding nor was I doing anything out of order. So I hesitated a bit to make a halt. But the cops insisted. Therefore I finally pulled over.

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I jumped out of my car. Half angry and annoyed, I asked them why they had to bother me.

They only laughed.

Then the cops said, “Perfect, we know you love kush. And that you only smoke the best. Know, we just took away two pounds on a raid a few hours ago. And we honestly think you deserve it…”

I said “Ur right!”

Now that were some smart cops.



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Kingston, St. Ann, Jamaica
Dancehall, Reggae, Roots
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