Creating As Purpose

by Joakim Westlund

Alpha Mound - Creating As Purpose by Joakim Westlund
When the daily grind seems without purpose creating music is my way out. This was of course not by intent or design. I guess what drove me into making music as a solo-project (from playing bass in bands since I was 14 or 15 years old) was mostly curiosity. Could I record at home? How does it work and what can I do?

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I have never been talented in a musical way. Where bandmates would understand an unfamiliar groove fast or play a new melody by ear, I often had a hard time doing it as fast and many times need to simplify it for my limited playing style.

When I finally started making music in Ableton by myself, I felt more at home in many ways. The technical aspects appealed to me, and I had a fun time doing it. I adapted to play things my way a sort of ’play to your abilities, and make the most of that’ thinking. What started as a  sort of singer-songwriter format style soon evolved into a more and more electronic style. And lately with a focus on ambient sounds.

But to the matter at hand, and while I still do it. Simply, it gives me purpose. An escape from the existential dread of meaninglessness. The creative effort is open-ended, and there are always new ways to do things (or honing the craft of making music a certain way.) It is a never-ending process where I can work both towards short-term goals (doing an audio-video project for YouTube with is a pretty new avenue and way to do things for me) or making an album over a longer period. It gives me purpose and direction, both short-term and long-term, and hopefully, other people can enjoy it too.

My latest album release was a cassette release on the Swedish label Lamour Records called ’Dvahla.’ And my latest audio/video work came about in the early hours of the morning after getting home from the graveyard shift of the daily grind in the factory. When it feels like something is missing this is a good way to breathe purpose back into things, relax, make something simple but pleasing. Edit, upload, release.


Artist’s Note
Alternative, Acoustic, Ambient, Electronic

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