The Art of Flying

by David Costanza

The Art of Flying by David Costanza

photo: doctor foxglove

my notes: unabridged:

incredibly intimate
from our ears to yours…

Listen to the song while reading the text.

percussion/strings/horns = YES

(the better to see you with)!


a collaboration between tempo

Sense &
(what is the opposite of sense)?

latent power.

Beauty is Plausible
(I need to look that up)…

Intrepid. Unique.

Innocence shines in this inky night.

Hey, thanks for listening.

A collaboration:
between Contrivance
& mistakes.

Real & Imagined.

Haunted Hearts.

dusty juniper/ salmon

Art of Flying

Art of Flying, Category: Artist, Albums: Escort Mission, Youarethe Worldyouarenottheworld, I’m Already Crying, isevergone, garden of earthly delights, Singles: Escort Mission, Sing Me, Pretty Bird, Wordswept, Top Tracks: Jesus Said & Mary Said, Hang Around the Water, Escort Mission, Hey!


Artist’s Note
Taos, New Mexico
Alternative, Experimental Folk, Indie
DIY, home recording

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