4 Tracks and an Indie Dream

by The Noble Kind

4 Tracks and an Indie Dream by The Noble Kind
The Noble Kind is a three-piece Indie-Rock band based in Rochester, NY. TNK performs at benefit shows to raise money for “Noble” causes in the community. Their latest EP Aeternum was recorded near their home town and has solidified their indie sound.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Aeternum; Latin for eternal.

We picked this name because life is short and what comes after this life is forever. Our end goal even for music is to impact the world long after we’re gone.

“Hey Solomon” is the opening track and is a song about the culture around us. The world has always been obsessed with material things, power, and position. The truth is everyone will leave this world the same way and you can’t take anything with you. This track explores that truth, that we were made for more.

“The Heart is a Maze” is a similar track about being careful what you wish for in life because it might not fulfill you the way you initially think it would.

We hope you enjoy the EP and connect with us! We love meeting new people and hearing their stories.


The Noble Kind

The Noble Kind, Category: Artist, Singles: Treasure in a Field, Top Tracks: The Fall, Circles in My Head, Lights, Countless Days, Biography: The Noble Kind is an Indie-Folk /Rock band from Rochester, NY.


Artist’s Note
Rochester, New York
Indie, Indie-Rock, Rock, Alternative, Alternative Rock


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