Life Goes On

by Valerija Kravale

Life Goes On by Valerija Kravale
“Life goes on” has come out with quite a psychedelic buzz – it has had a big CD release party in the Hangar49 in Berlin on May 24th. For me, “just a girl with guitar from Eastern Europe,” the album turned out to be a momentum of all the things unsaid, a story of moving abroad, a cry-your-heart-out type of collection for self-therapy.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

The Start of a Conversation

I dedicate my album “Life Goes On” to our broken generation of post-soviet space. When mental health issues aren’t something that surprises us, and it is considered obligate to suffer from one. The times when moving abroad is easier and heavier than ever. The times when happiness is something so abstract, it’s hard to realize it might even be here.

“Life Goes On” is the start of a conversation about the inevitable pain of what living is. I dedicate this album to all the kids of the millennia of Eastern Europe, that are drowned in the nostalgia of indie culture back in the 80s because it was something so real that we don’t have these days anymore and we so desperately try to replicate again.

The Album Process

The recordings were done in the studio in The Netherlands and mixed by Jachym Kovar (CZ) and Mans Tellhed (SE) in Berlin. Drum sounds were created by Toms Kagainis in Latvia, so the work of getting it all together was an ongoing 8-month process that brought us here. Album artwork and design are made by, as Valerija calls her, Romanian princess Anio Ciutac.

Artists like Soela and The Usual Boys joined me to share the stage on my CD release party.

In the album process were as well involved : Dominic Goudriaan (NL), Gunnar Linnes (NL), Sebastian Bluestone (UK/US), Elina Shorokhova (RUS), Marco Verhoogt (RO), Frederik Hellstrom (SE), Edvard Hadallin (SI), Fredrik Klanberg (EST), Lora Bratova (MD).


Berlin, Germany
Alternative, Indie, Psychedelic, Psychedelic Pop
life goes on, a conversation, mental health, post-soviet, broken generation

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