With Every Breath You Die

by Day & Dream

With Every Breath You Die by Day & Dream
Day & Dream is a husband-wife team, Peter Frizzante, the morning person, and Abby Amaya, the night owl – our band name is a nod to our opposite sleep schedules. We are often writing music or lyrics at home in between work and daily chores, finding inspiration in personal relationships, nature, and risk-taking.

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Now in our 30s, our music tackles the frustrations that come with getting older and pursuing art in a world oversaturated with content.

“Our music is a compromise, very similar to a marriage.” – Abby

Reverb drenched, full of melodic hooks, lush guitars, and sweetly whispered vocals, “With Every Breath You Die” is our first full-length release. The album represents a collection of songs developed over the span of our relationship, starting from our initial encounter in NYC and eventual move to Asheville, NC.

Abby, keyboardist and lead vocalist, has roots in California 60s coastal pop, and also plays rhythm guitar on tracks, “Night Lights” and “You.” Peter, a wizard on guitar, has a post-punk background and also sings in the band. We are supported by talented drummer Mike Fasano, and bassist, Lowell Hobbs, and are setting up live show tour dates for 2019.

The album showcases a mix of both energetic fuzz and soft surreal listlessness. As the first instrumental track, “And So It Begins” starts, listeners are left to ponder if they are about to go to sleep, trying to wake, or float in a weird in-between dream world. “We’re Gonna Need Some More Coffee” references one of our most beloved shows, Twin Peaks, while “Chrysalis” alludes to the beauty and fresh feeling of playing music again. “Zero Sum Game” ” explores the notion of treating life as a high-stakes game, and “Starry Night” longs for being reunited with lost loved ones.

We recorded the album with the highly sought engineer, Damon Moon, at Standard Electric Studios in Atlanta, GA. Moon, who has worked with other indie bands, Lunar Vacation, Twin Studies, and Dinnertime, has a keen ear for capturing something classic and honest. Greg Hendler at GMH Audio in Atlanta mastered the album.

“Brand new LP from Day & Dream certainly impresses… Your ears will certainly perk up when you hear her voice, layered on top of a compelling guitar churn.” – DKFM February 2019

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Day & Dream

Day & Dream, Category: Artist, Albums: With Every Breath You Die, Singles: Chrysalis, Nocturnal Creatures, Top Tracks: First in Flight, Nocturnal Creatures, Night Lights, Chrysalis, Zero Sum Game, Biography: Day & Dream is an indie-rock dream pop shoegaze band hailing from Asheville, North Carolina.



Asheville, North Carolina
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