Why I started Vlogging aka Sunday Songwriting

by Aviva

Why I started Vlogging aka Sunday Songwriting by Aviva
I just wanted to keep it real.

Kind of like how meditating gives us a focused space for our peaceful energy to flourish, having a vlog has helped me to take my connection with my listeners to essentially a sacred space.

I often think deeply about the whole picture and how can I as an artist create safe spaces during quality entertainment experiences. I want to give people a window into my songwriting process and other aspects of me being because we are all creating this world together. I get inspired often by intense things clouded by introverted struggles with no release but music. And I didn’t want just those intense songs to be all I gave the world. Perhaps a good analogy is that not cleaning for weeks results in a big beautiful cleaning. And weekly songwriting is like weekly maintenance cleaning.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

But, besides being a reveal of more positive, whimsical melodies (like “Colorado in July” the first single released from our upcoming “Key of You” which probably would not have been written, remembered, and recorded if not for the Sunday Song vlog); weekly songwriting has also given a voice to completely current events that I can share right away. This “Key of You” album is taking soooo long because of mainly financial limitations anchored by perfectionism, and this continual sharing in the now is truly helping me to not go crazy lol. Of course, I fear a little that some songs will become yesterday’s songs before I even release them. But then I have always been either ahead of my time or a late bloomer, so perhaps the Universe is always out to love me just right. (btw that’s a foreshadowing of another Key of You song)

If anyone has the question; “where is she?” “where has she been?”, they can just tune into my channel.

Music has never been a straight line, even though it can easily be manipulated to look that way. There are so many layers and dimensions in choosing to express one’s self as a musician. I truly believe music is a medicine for our hearts that can deeply heal the darkest of spaces in very mysterious ways. We might not even realize why we like certain songs but they move us. They literally move our energy around and bring life to every cell of our body as they vibrate to certain harmonic frequencies.

It’s been challenging to put my perfectionism aside, but worth it to create and maintain accessibility to the music that flows through me rawganically. Every time a song flows through me, like a stream running to the river, I feel a beautiful cleansing energy rush through my emotional dust. Let’s ride the rainbow together.

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