Who Listens to Acoustic-Electric Folk-Rock? (new music)

by _Mike Birch

Who Listens to Acoustic-Electric Folk-Rock? (new music) by Mike Birch
When asked what type of music he produces, Mike Birch¬†tells people “electric acoustic folk rock” – a span of styles as broad as his music.¬†From simple folky acoustic guitar songs to all-out rock and roll and piano ballads, there is something for almost every music lover.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

The 5th album of original music from this Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley songwriter features songs penned from 2015 through 2018 as mass shootings and politics took over all media front pages has been released all over the internet.

16 original songs exploring love, hate, war and the division of the USA that has happened since 2016, from acoustic folks songs to hard-hitting rock and roll, this album has something for everyone, although the extreme right might not appreciate it.

Mike Birch

Mike Birch, Category: Artist, Albums: Love and War, Fact and Fiction, Empty Pages and Lost Songs, Top Tracks: Miss Mexico, Thirty Miles to Richmond, Star-Crossed, Change the World, Crossroads, Biography: “It’s Rock and Roll!”

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