45 STORIES: The Story of Spies Ascend

by David Nenner

45 STORIES: The Story of Spies Ascend by David Nenner

When I was in High School, I dated a girl who introduced me to her friend Fred. Fred and I hit it off nicely and eventually started writing music together, both heavier rock and metal styles, as well as some acoustic-based compositions. We shared a very similar approach as far as how we wrote melodies and put chords together, but it was not yet as refined as it would end up being years later; we were younger then. In 2006, we began to go our separate ways in life, me with finishing my Bachelor’s in Music Education, Fred with his career and a new relationship.

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Let’s now fast-forward to the beginning of 2015. We re-connected by meeting up for the first time in nearly ten years. And we shared stories about our marriages that ended poorly. We talked about life, its struggles, and our desires to move forward and conquer the world. We set a day to get together to try writing and recording some new music.

Now it’s 2018.

45 songs later, with intertwining lyrical pieces of the much larger puzzle that is my life, and after four self-recorded albums, we haven’t stopped since.

I NEVER expected such personal growth from this beginning of what Fred and I called “Spies Ascend”. We just wanted to hang out, make music, and possibly record it. What happened, turned us both into better people.

As I live my life, now at the age of 35, I think about all of my friends who have gone through their own respective struggles in life. I think about all of the adults in their 30s who may be holding in their experiences, as I did; until I found a way to turn it into art. If
nothing else, I would hope that perhaps some day, those people- my friends, those near my age, or anyone feeling “stuck” or “trapped” in their early adult life- can hear the music of Spies Ascend. And then, maybe, learn to embrace the dark- and find their own way to turn it into art- and thus, LIGHT.

Spies Ascend

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