Exit Wounds: A year in the life of Peter Kasen

by Peter Kasen

Exit Wounds: A year in the life of Peter Kasen
Singer/Songwriter Peter Kasen is from the USA and has six records released, international touring and both national/international press. He remains a DIY wonder since 2005.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

Hi, my name is Peter Kasen. I was asked to express my new EP release, ‘Exit Wounds’, which is my sixth studio album. ‘Exit Wounds’ is a three song EP which was written over a years time frame across multiple cities. The three songs are:

  • LifeSpan
  • An Ocean Without A Shore
  • Vultures

The album is truly a metaphor both in album, and song titles of my experiences within the music industry, and its hold over me in realizing my music to the next steps in my career. LifeSpan is an anthem and ever moving guitar part which encapsulates my lifes work and passion for songwriting. An Ocean Without A Shore, is a true ballad which delves into a world where you can give all of yourself to something, and yet the world has it’s way of testing those achievements.

My plan was to make this EP as one long year of tremendous mileage, contemplation, wherewithal, and constant moving in order to be situated at a place by years end, to be ready to record, and release ‘Exit Wounds’. Most who have followed my career and album/tour cycles will hear and see the growth in this new record and its song meanings.

As I prepare for a full press campaign, and planning of both USA and European tours I am beyond thankful and proud of your interest in both finding my music and asking me to be apart of this great concept for all musicians on mySoundposter.

Thank you kindly.

I hope this sheds some light on my new album, ‘Exit Wounds’, and it inspires you to listen and share it with all!

Peter Kasen

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