The storm is coming, and it never really left.

by Noamle

The storm is coming, and it never really left. by Noamle
Sometimes I wonder if I like making people cringe or maybe it’s just an inevitable effect that comes with my need to overexpress my emotions and thoughts. I always thought oh well maybe I’m one of those who are seeking desperately for attention, but I figured that actually, it is more than just that. I just can’t control it, saying the things the way they are, if I hate my self, I’m gonna write about it if I’m ego tripping I’m gonna write about that as well. A bit of a drama queen mixed with a trouble maker with an honest desire to be better and be happy. And make the people around me happy, mostly with me.

To take my thoughts and put them into words helps me reach into conclusions, let my mind process, and move on faster. And I’m guessing doing it out loud for other people to hear is part of it. I’ve always appreciated artists that are being totally authentic, that are not afraid to write about themselves and their quirkiness and be honest. Let me, the listener, to get to know them better.

So, I’m gonna let u know me better as well.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

Not Enough

My musical journey seemed to be full of tragedies, irony, and yet luck so far. I started it in Israel, my sweet, intense, and complex home country, and I found myself twice during my life staring there in social media.

I used to grab my guitar, make some covers, upload it, and people liked it. I got carried away pretty fast into this world. And if I’m honest a very fake one. I used to have 100,000 or more views per cover song, and ten people attending to my live shows.

Something was off; I couldn’t really be happy, I couldn’t enjoy people recognizing me in the street as the blonde chick ( I was blonde back then) from the covers on Facebook. It wasn’t enough for me.

Fighting The Past

So, I decided to make my first original album. I had no clue back then that I would ever be capable of producing. I was singing my whole life and writing songs, and I thought there’s only one way I can do that. I must take my song, go to a producer, and pay thousands of euros to hear my songs come to life. And that’s what I did.

After two years, I’ve changed. My album was about to be released, and I’m still fighting against my past in social media.

– “Why are you not doing covers anymore?“
– “It’s such a shame what happened with you?“
– “Have you moved to Tel Aviv, started doing drugs and lost your mind?“

People thought I owe them something; that my existence belongs to them. Just because they did some likes and left a nice comment. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but they didn’t give a shit about me, Noam, nor my happiness, my music, and my need to transform.


A week before I was about to release my fresh first original album, the most ironic thing in my life happened: Facebook banned me from using their platform and shut down my account. “Violation of copyrights” because all the covers I had in my account, after a year of not doing any. I can’t explain why from all people me, and why in this timing. But it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

At the moment itself, I was crushed. It was everything I knew; I thought I have no chance in the music industry without Facebook. But with time I transformed more and more, changed my look, got rid of this expansive album I did, got exposed to new music, learned multiple new skills and I started to create my own music, experience, and production.

My perspective changed, my priorities. I grew up. I got closer to myself and figured out why I wasn’t happy at that time and how this wasn’t the right way for me. I was shaping, and what happened was so significant for me. I needed this: A fresh start. I needed my past to be erased. So, in that note, I’ll take the opportunity to say thank you, Facebook.

A New Start

A year ago, I moved to Berlin to really have my new start. I’ve made so much music since then, gained new stories, learned so much about producing and about myself. Additionally, I met here a very talented music partner called “ATN soul” (Ethan), and together we make wonderful music which we’ll start release soon (also music videos and shows are in the near future).

I’ve created an artist name, erased anything left from my past in the media, and now I’m ready to start again!

The Storm Is Coming

The EP “The Storm Is Coming” (soon to be released, in June 2019) is my first self-produced EP, and it contains three tracks. It’s combined with electronic and organic elements from pop, jazz, soul, and trip-hop. Every track has a different atmosphere to it because each track was made with different emotional intensity, but all three tracks are telling the same story, discussing the same fears and contemplations.

The EP talks about a known subject yet my personal one, a relationship between two individuals. The nature of the relationship is problematic. I express my distress caused by this complex dynamic between this person and me. I’m raising questions that I asked myself regarding the situation and contemplate them out loud.

The energy flow of this EP shows the mental deterioration I was experiencing in those few months caused by this relationship. This EP is my exposed healing process. And part of it was committing to being vulnerable.


Artist’s Note
Berlin, Germany
Alternative, Electronic, Jazz, Pop, Soul, Trip Hop
cover songs, social media, facebook, fake, banned, new start, identity


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