A Little Grief

by Griefer // TR

A Little Grief by Griefer // TR
If Griefer, my shitty one-man band, is about anything, it’s about boredom and anxiety. I started it because I wanted to make something really, really loud – the volume helped, somehow. Then it morphed into something else. It lets me show a bit of myself that I usually have trouble showing. Music makes me a better person. I think it’s as simple as this: the reality of being a “bedroom musician” is waking up alone, surrounded by reminders of work you need to finish.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

The chorus of “Sleep” by My Chemical Romance told me that my pre-adolescent angst was valid. “Whiskey and Wine” by Planning for Burial keeps me going on rainy days. The ending of “Suburban Yellow” by Slow Mass is incredibly powerful, somehow. What I’m saying is that listening to music made me want to make music. Bands change your life. If you feel moved by wiggling air, buy a loud amp and blow your neighbor’s heads off.

I’ve played one show. It was at my friend’s apartment, a “release party” for a record that I made in my bedroom over the course of a month. I worked my ass off on it. It sounds okay. But when I got to play some of those songs, I felt heard and happy. It changed my little dirges into something that other people could see themselves in. That’s the best part – music exists only in other people’s heads, after all.

I think I’m better when I’m making stuff. I love when people find something in it, too. That’s all there is to it. Thanks for listening.

PS: Everything you choose to spend on Bandcamp is getting sent to the ACLU, Resistance, and Our Music My Body. I’m trying to vote with my dollar and destroy evil where I can.


Griefer, Category: Artist, Singles: Griefer, Ghost Zone, Top Tracks: Your Unanswered Question, A Quickly Spreading Fire, Now Run Home, Mythless, Death Rattle, Biography: Griefer is a slow, loud solo project based in Chicago., Monthly Listeners: 18, Where People Listen: Ludlow, Binghamton, El Cerrito, Mankato, Oakland



Artist’s Note
Drone, Noise, Alternative, Rock, Dirge
Griefer, Chicago, Alternative, Drone, Noise, Rock, Slow

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