The Soundtrack of Good Intentions and Bad Decisions

by Eduard Bănulescu

The Soundtrack of Good Intentions and Bad Decisions by Eduard Bănulescu

Write a story about what inspired my first EP? Nothing might be better suited to represent the songs on the EP then the stories of Bucharest at night, haunted by all the life consumed by the city during the day.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

This city is silent now, but the sound of the living, now asleep, still haunt it, as much as the murmur of those now dead. If you’re reading this, I’d like you to imagine that it’s been raining and the streets are cold. Those awake deal with the growing sense of pressure as best they can, any way that they can. They all take as much or as little as they are given, then try and make it into something worthwhile.

The music of this city is the soundtrack of good intentions and bad decisions. It’s people speaking harshly; Folks trying to get one over someone else; Kids trying to escape themselves and their neighborhoods overstuffed with strangers. And it’s dreamers trying to get the refuge of silence in a world that won’t stop talking.

Times Ain’t Changing No More

My EP, Times ain’t changing no more, is a collection of songs inspired by my current home, Bucharest. Like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, or the Fleet Foxes couldn’t help but describe the condition they found themselves in, I couldn’t help but try to paint a picture of mine.


Have you ever witnessed one of your neighbors, running down the street in a manic frenzy, shouting nonsense at the very top of their lungs? That’s enough to get folks around talking. Insanity? Drugs? Some strange religion? None of this may be true. But truth shouldn’t get in the middle of a good story. It’s bound to make the rounds the boozers, bus stops and church visits of the neighborhoods’ inhabitants for months, maybe, years to come.

The times ain’t changing no more

And while the rumble of the streets keeps calling much back, it’s the same noise that keeps others far away, tied to a monitor and keyboard, the confessional of our modern age. Reality at the click of a button, reimagined, redesigned, vanishing untruths.

Expert advice

Careful what you get for free, never know what you can catch! Heard about a guy, that drove a truck, ending up having to save up on his beer money to pay his doctors’ bill. Heard of a girl that hocked off her wedding ring every day to afford her husband’s microwave dinner. Old men don’t know what they’re saying. Try everything you can, don’t know how much time you have to try it…

Lonely at the feast

A man sure can get acquire a real thirst after a hard day’s work. As the sun sets, it’s time to stumble home. The screams of half awaken housewives chase their dreams away. Tomorrow arrives with a headache that feels like someone slicing a head open with a razor. But there’s a boozer in their schedule, late in the afternoon, and those dreams linger for a while.

Flaros Jilala

Life in these parts is not dirty, nor is it dishonest. There is something that is true, holy and radiant at all times. It’s just that folks observe it differently, like at life looking through different cracked bottles.

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