Chop My Head Off

by Dude Is Walk

Chop My Head Off by Dude Is Walk
What a colossal waste of time I did on Instagram, it’s the only social media account. I posted art there and it’s just been a bunch of time I could have used making art and music instead. Had time to create a video and work on a new version of an old song I wrote.

I don’t know, but to me it feels discouraging to use social media to share music? I find it sort of soulless. I left a tape cassette at the coffee shop near me with a letter to explain why it was there. It was an analog test of this digital world.


Artist’s Note
Encinitas, California
Lo-fi, Rock
Tape cassete, analog

One thought on “Chop My Head Off

  1. Dude Is Walk,

    I agree. But I hear a voice (over by the counter).
    It has a upspeak quality to it. I daren’t look.
    “Mummy, what’s a tape cassette?”

    Good work! Actually, Great work!

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