The Musician from our Universe

by Dachi Khasaia

The musician from our universe by Dachi Khasaia (Universe<∞Man)
Universe∞Man was born on earth.

It was a happy day; the universe gave him all its power and sent him to the planet called earth.

This is his favorite place, his home, where he lives and creates his music and universal stories.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

He was brought to Georgia by the world in the city of Tbilisi, where he lived for a long time.

Universe∞Man first touched music when he was just three years old. He would gladly take a blank cassette or one of the singers’ cassettes and would rewrite his grin at times. Then he would put it on and listen.

So it was years before he picked up a guitar and sang. Now in his home studio he writes songs in two languages, English and Georgian. His latest album is called Tbilisi, which is about missing the homeland. The album reveals a love of his hometown.

Universe∞Man has been living in Belgium for a long time, and it is not surprising that he missed his favorite city and wrote an album about Tbilisi.

Now we have to take the headphones in hand and listen carefully to the psychedelic and lo-fi “Tbilisi,” a new album released just a few days ago on his birthday. This is the album which tells us about the capital of Georgia.

His music is different and the secret is that as he says himself he does not write music, he describes his feelings and keeps them memorable.

It all started and happened in 2015, and after all this, he released three albums, which you can find on Bandcamp. His musical genre includes mainly psychedelic rock, indie, and lo-fi music, although there is one different genre in his music that he named after himself – mystic rock.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

I wish you a pleasant trip to the beautiful city of Tbilisi!


Artist’s Note
Brussels, Antwerp, Tbilisi, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo
Psychedelic Rock, Indie, Lo-fi, Mystic rock
Universeman, Dachi Khasaia

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