The Great 78 Project

There’s streaming, CDs of course and (the revival of) vinyl. While there is a path from vinyl to CD to streaming is, it looks different with streaming when it comes to older vinyl only releases, since there doesn’t exist a digital copy at all. I myself own a lot of rare vinyl records of the late 70s and early 80s, some LPs, some 12″ or 45rpm singles, that are not infrequently limited to a few 100 copies.


I would very much like to digitalize these vinyl records, but I fear the thousands of hours of work, and also issues of quality. While this is so far a personal “problem”, there is of course the greater issue of cultural preservation and access. The Internet Archive pursues exactly this intention.

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Is Tidal successful?

While most claim Tidal as one of the best, if not the best, streaming services when it comes to sound quality and artist revenues, there is conflicting information whether the business is a success or a failure.


It is heard that Tidal is losing both money and users, and will soon run out of cash. This information is spread by referencing to a Norwegian article by Dagens Næringsliv. It is hard to verify the information, since the article is written in Norwegian. The company Tidal itself contradicts and “claims it will break even soon, before achieving profitability in mid-2018”, as a spokesperson for Tidal told Engadget.

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Every Song Ever by Ben Ratliff

For a lot of people, music is kind of a religion. If you’re into Vinyl, every other format is doomed. I f you’re into High Resolution, MP3 is the devil. You love Alternative Rock? Mainstream is forbidden.


Ben Ratliff is certainly not one of this kind. He’s been a principal jazz critic of the New York Times for the past 20 years, but he is equally comfortable with other genres like pop, hip-hop, punk, metal, classical or world music. This makes him and his book outstanding. If you’re not into reading about music, Ratliff’s playlists at the end of every chapter alone is worth this book!

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