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Singing/Songwriting/Sisters by Nine Year Sister
We are sisters, we write songs, we tell stories.

……We offered our first album on Bandcamp for free – (fans could pay if they wanted.) Someone paid 50 cents for one of our songs and we couldn’t believe it.

That was all the encouragement we needed……

Listen to the album while reading the text.

This album is us.

From the writing and production of the music, to the creation of the whimsical cover art for the release of our first physical CD.

Aside from the final mastering of the nine tracks and the actual manufacturing of the CD, every part of it was made by us, Jennie and Emma, two sisters from Queensland, Australia.

This self-titled album, ‘Nine Year Sister’, is a collection of some of our favourite songs we have produced so far.

Electronic pop and folk influences appear on this release. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact genre this album would fall into, but we feel that all of the songs work together as a set and that there is something on the CD for everyone.

Taking inspiration from all types of music, we don’t limit our songwriting to specific styles. Our music is positive, sometimes melancholy, sometimes fun, and we put a lot of thought and heart into our lyrics. We always try to ‘lift’ the listener and love to give the feeling of strength in our choruses.

Although much of our music is created with synthetic instruments, we love to add guitar and ukulele to add warmth to our sound.

We first started casually playing around with music and writing songs in around 2010. It took a few years to start seriously stringing songs together.

Calling ourselves ‘Nine Year Sister’, (as we are nine years apart in age), we took our music online in 2017.

We are constantly creating new music.

The songs we write tell stories. It has long been a dream of ours to have one of our songs feature as a pop soundtrack in a movie. Something magical happens when you put music alongside pictures. It can completely lift a movie if there’s a good song in it, and we have always wanted to be a part of creating that feeling.

Our nine track album, ‘Nine Year Sister’, is available on Bandcamp as both a digital album and a physical CD.

Nine Year Sister

Nine Year Sister, Category: Artist, Albums: Nine Year Sister, Singles: Everybody’s Going Somewhere, Missing Pieces, Gentle Giants, Mid-Flight, Stardust In Your Hair, Top Tracks: Missing Pieces, This Show, Such Sweet Sorrow, Dear Sir, Gentle Giants, Biography: Nine Year Sister is an independent duo comprised of Australian singer/songwriters, Jennie and Emma., Monthly Listeners: 21, Where People Listen: Baulkham Hills, Hatfield, London, Bedford, Markham


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