Busy Mind

by ScantSquad

Busy Mind by ScantSquad

Having a father who was a music geek paid off… I think.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

Growing up listening to Bad Company, MC5, Jimi Hendrix, etc. while my friends Walkman’s had on Kylie and Jason, I became obsessed with the ‘BIG’ noise of electric guitars well before I was ten years old. By the time I was leaving primary school I was playing Public Enemy, equally a loud and intrusive noise. I always had a love and a mild snobbery towards musical tastes, this became more apparent as the years passed, disliking most mainstream artists and focussing on Angelo Badalamenti, Mobb Deep, Ry Cooder and all those artists who fall into the category of ‘my taste.’

Fast Forward to 2007, and by now I’m 27 years old and had only dabbled in the DJ side of things for the 12 years prior. I read online about the standards producers used to make hip hop style beats. I bought a second hand MPC 2000, followed quickly with a 500. Over the next 5 years a 2000XL, 1000 and later on, a 2500. I threw a lot of money into the idea of beat making. I garnered some attention from the local Scottish hip-hop scene and put out a few mixtape- style releases on BC, the first being released in 2009.

Nowadays I release my own style of music, I have matured with the sound; still love my old boom bap style though. The attached track I chose is a trippy slowed down hip-hop style with a jarring synth running through the latter part. I would liken it to soundtrack music as it’s repetition is meant to be a focus.

Synth VST’s have crept into my production over the last few years and this year especially, I am producing more original ‘sample free’ tracks. I enjoy making these as there are no boundaries to what it should sound like. When producing synth-based tracks I find myself pulling inspiration from the sounds of Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, Jerry Goldsmith to name a few and it’s always difficult to name the genre because it’s kinda in between 3 or 4 different genres but not exactly sitting in any. I enjoy it, and it’s a stress reliever so…


Artist’s Note
Scotland, UK
Lo-fi, Ambient, Soundtrack, Trip Hop, Hip-Hop, Lounge, Chillhop
scantsquad, UK, Scotland, Beats, Hip-Hop, trip hop

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