Here comes the raven flying by


Here comes the raven flying by
I’ve always been drawn to the feeling of flying up high in the sky or swimming in the deepest waters. I can’t swim. I can’t fly. But these are all possible in the dream world. I can make music, so this is one way for me to bring it into the physical, waking world and make it palpable. My debut EP “Nebulous” is an outcome of this.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

“Longing For Home” is one of the tracks that feels extra special to me. It’s not as dark and heavy as the other tracks, but for me, it’s powerful and full of melancholy. I’ve always had this feeling of not belonging anywhere, and if there’s a place I belong to, it is nowhere to be found. Maybe it’s not in the physical world. Who knows.

There’s a line from the song that goes:

“Here comes the raven flying by”

Imagine a big raven flying by to pick you up and take you to the sky. You scream. You sing. You’re on top of the world. What a view! Is this what it feels to be alive? Are you finally on your way home? The raven might have the answer.


HELGA, Category: Artist, Singles: Nebulous, In The Wilderness, Battle Song, Top Tracks: In The Wilderness, Battle Song, Haunted, Longing For Home, Vintervisa, Biography: Hailing from the forests of Dalarna, Sweden, Helga writes music from the confines of her cabin.


Artist’s Note
Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Pop, Rock
dark folk, dark pop, myrkur, scandinavia, dream world, melancholy, raven, fly

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